Welcome to my stamp collection online.    I've been collecting for almost 50 years.    I collect postally used stamps.    I'm getting my entire collection online for everyone to enjoy.    This also helps me know what I have collected.    My website is separated below by country.    You can find catalog pages, collection pages, and also links with very useful websites.    I collect and share my hobby with friends around the world.    Collecting stamps has long been a hobby and a passion for so many people worldwide.    As a stamp collector you are in good company with people such as King George V, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, John Lennon, Amelia Earhart, Jacques Cousteau, Charlie Chaplin, Warren Buffet, Freddie Mercury, Sally Ride, Simon Wiesenthal, Ernest Borgnine, Karl Malden, Gary Burghoff, Bela Lugosi, Francis Cardinal Spellman, King Farouk of Egypt, Prince Rainier, George Bernard Shaw, and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, just to name a few.

Catalog Coverage: 1850-1985                  Stamps In Collection: 494

Catalog Coverage: 1849-1975                  Stamps In Collection: 259

Catalog Coverage: 1918-1977                  Stamps In Collection: 591

Catalog Coverage: 1851-1969                  Stamps In Collection: 57

Catalog Coverage: 1856-1967                  Stamps In Collection: 0

Catalog Coverage: 1849-1963                  Stamps In Collection: 224

Catalog Coverage: 1872-1978                  Stamps In Collection: 566

Catalog Coverage: 1840-2007                  Stamps In Collection: 624

Catalog Coverage: 1861-1959                  Stamps In Collection: 0

Catalog Coverage: 1871-1959                  Stamps In Collection: 122

Catalog Coverage: 1873-1962                  Stamps In Collection: 101

Catalog Coverage: 1922-1981                  Stamps In Collection: 83

Catalog Coverage: 1862-1962                  Stamps In Collection: 0

Catalog Coverage: 1852-1963                  Stamps In Collection: 56

Catalog Coverage: 1855-1965                  Stamps In Collection: 0

Catalog Coverage: 1860-1957                  Stamps In Collection: 169

Catalog Coverage: 1857-1951                  Stamps In Collection: 589

Catalog Coverage: 1855-1961                  Stamps In Collection: 0

Catalog Coverage: 1850-1954                  Stamps In Collection: 169

Catalog Coverage: 1847-1957                  Stamps In Collection: 288

Catalog Coverage: 1851-1999                  Stamps In Collection: 106

Catalog Coverage: 1838-1988                  Stamps In Collection: 0

Catalog Coverage: 1850-2002                  Stamps In Collection: 114

Catalog Coverage: 1851-1999                  Stamps In Collection: 106

Catalog Coverage: 1851-1986                  Stamps In Collection: 16

Catalog Coverage: 1840-2007                  Stamps In Collection: 624

Catalog Coverage: 1862-1994                  Stamps In Collection: 17

Catalog Coverage: 1922-1981                  Stamps In Collection: 83

Catalog Coverage: 1867-1967                  Stamps In Collection: 9

Catalog Coverage: 1860-1975                  Stamps In Collection: 7

Catalog Coverage: 1955-1991                  Stamps In Collection: 95

Catalog Coverage: 1847-1995                  Stamps In Collection: 383

Academy Of Philately

Air Mail Society Of New Zealand

American Air Mail Society

American First Day Cover Society

American Helvetia Philatelic Society

American Philatelic Congress

American Philatelic Society

American Plate Number Single Society

American Society For Netherlands Philately

American Topical Association

Association Of British Philatelic Societies

Association Of German Philatelists

Association Of Scottish Philatelic Societies

Astro Space Stamp Society

Athens Philatelic Society

Australian Philatelic Federation

Australian Philatelic Society

Austria Philatelic Society (US)

Austrian Philatelic Society

Belgian Philatelic Study Circle

Bird Stamp Society

British Air Mail Society

British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group

British Library Philatelic Collections

British North America Philatelic Society

British Postmark Society

British Society Of Australian Philately

British Society Of Russian Philately

British Thematic Association

Burma Philatelic Study Circle

Canadian Aerophilatelic Society

Canadian Philatelic Society Of Great Britain

CartoPhilatelic Society

China Philatelic Society Of London

Confederate Stamp Alliance

Cyprus Study Circle

Czechoslovak Philatelic Society Of Great Britain

Denmark Stamp Collectors Association

East Africa Study Circle

Ebony Society Of Philatelic Events & Reflections

Fellowship Of Samoa Specialists

France & Colonies Philatelic Society (UK)

France & Colonies Philatelic Society (US)

Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society

Germany Philatelic Society (US)

Gibraltar Study Circle

Global Philatelic Library

Great Britain Overprints Society

Great Britain Philatelic Society

Hellenic Philatelic Society of Great Britain

Hellenic Philatelic Society Of The Netherlands

Helvetia Philatelic Society

Hong Kong Study Circle

Hungarian Philatelic Society Of Great Britain

* Internet Philatelic Dealers Association *

India Study Circle

Indian Ocean Study Circle

International Federation Of Aero-Philatelic Societies

International Machine Cancel Society

International Society Of Worldwide Stamp Collectors

Ireland Philatelic Association

Irish Airmail Society

Irish Philatelic Circle

Italy & Colonies Study Circle

King George VI Collectors Society

Machin Collectors Club

Malaya Study Group

Metropolitan Air Post Society

Military Postal History Society

Modern British Philatelic Circle

National Philatelic Society

Netherlands Philatelic Circle

New Zealand Philatelic Federation

New Zealand Society Of Great Britain

Orange Free State Study Circle

Pacific Islands Study Circle

Perfin Society

Perfins Club

Philatelic And Postal Museum Of Greece

Philatelic Foundation

Philatelic Traders Society

Polonus Polish Philatelic Society

Post Mark Collectors Club

Postal History Society

Postal History Society Of Canada

Precancel Stamp Society

Rhodesian Study Circle

Rossica Society

Royal Philatelic Society Of Australia

Royal Philatelic Society Of Canada

Royal Philatelic Society Of London

Royal Philatelic Society Of New Zealand

Sarawak Specialists Society

Scandinavian Collectors Club

Scandinavia Philatelic Society

Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Society For Czechoslovak Philately

Society For Hungarian Philately

Society Of Australasian Specialists

Society Of Collectors of Czechoslovak Stamps

South African Collectors Society

Transvaal Study Circle

US Philatelic Classics Society

Union Of Czech Philatelists

Union Of Slovak Philatelists

Universal Postal Union

United Postal Stationery Society

United States Stamp Society

West Africa Study Circle

Worldwide Society Of Russian Philately

Zeppelin Study Group

* Internet Philatelic Dealers Association *

American Philatelic Society

American Stamp Dealers Association


Linn's Stamp News

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Stanley Gibbons

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